Tieco  number of employers are:


National Iranian Drilling Company                 Manufacturing Support and Procurement Kala Naft Tehran


North Drilling Company                                  Company Pdks


Sadra Company                                                IOEC


Khark Petrochemical                                       Arvand Petrochemical


Poyesh Petrochemical                                    Iran Zinc Mines Development Company (LLP)


Company Sabvn                                              Company Valsr


Sugarcane Development Company              Iran International Engineering Company (AirTAC)


Ardebil Cement                                              Karoon Cement


Bushehr, Khuzestan                                     Cement Cement


New Gulf Cement                                        Industry Firouzkouh Cement


Saveh cement industry                                Industry Hegmatan Cement


Tehran Cement                                            Cement Delijan Cement


Hormozgan Cement                                    Cement Saman West Cement


Venezuela cement                                       Sardar Cement


Ilam Cement                                                Lamerd Cement