Today: 24 May 2024

last update: نوامبر 29, 2021 | | Persian

TAKSAZ INDUSTRIAL INNOVATORS ENGINEERING COMPANY (TIECO) was established in 1991 oriented at employing of capabilities of engineering services and manufacturing of equipments. TIECO and its affiliated companies with activity in the various industrial fields have proved its capacities and potential as a powerful industrial group. TIECO could achieve local content of Top Drive machine and create a suitable field for its mass production to free our country from importing this machine in the drilling industry. Also this company informs to accomplish a local content of another machine in the agriculture field and it hopes these equipments be a step for the industrial progress of our honored country.

According to the last evaluation of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Taksaz Industrial Innovators Engineering Company (TIECO) was familiarized as one of the best knowledge- based companies in the advanced Equipment and Machinery Technology field.

Tieco is one of the subsidiaries of Talashgaran Eghtesad Paydar Co



Managing Director Message

Relying on God and hoping a bright future, together we attempt for a built, free and independent country; believing that we can achieve our prominent goals.