TIECO is the first and unique manufacturer in the Middle East.

TAKSAZ INDUSTRIAL INNOVATORS ENGINEERING COMPANY (TIECO) was established in 1991 oriented at employing of capabilities of engineering services and manufacturing of equipments. TIECO and its affiliated companies with activity in the various industrial fields have proved its capacities and potential as a powerful industrial group.

Affiliated Companies:

Sardsaz Khodro Industrial Co. (Designer and manufacturer of auto air conditioning system)

Sooyab Sanat Innovators Engineering Co. (Manufacturer of fuel pump and automobile electric motors)

Out Look:

TIECO’s future outlook is including producing products base on modern international standards, identification of the target market in the various country and export products.

TIECO’s Strategies:

Increasing technical and scientific abilities toward innovation, variety and improving quality of products.
Domestic manufacturing of our country required equipments in the variety industries by using the local proficiency and modern technology.
Performance of determinate strategies and access sustainable development.
Gain reliance and satisfaction of customer.
Main Activities:

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries:
Engineering, Supply, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning of Oil and Gas Industries Equipments

Top Drive
Well Head Control Panel
Pig Launcher & Receiver
Chemical Injection Package
Diesel Oil Package
Engineering, Supply, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning of Petrochemical Plants Equipments

Aromatic Oxidation
Poly Isoprene
Sulfuric Acid
Potassium Chlorate
Pressure Vessel
Managemental consultation in Oil & Gas Up Stream Industries

Land, Jack Up and Work Over Rigs
Drill Pipe
Special Industrial Machines
Steel, Cement and Mine Industries
Agricultural Machines
Cellulosic Industries

NTS 500 National Top Drive History

TIECO after a successful activities decade for producing products and advanced machines in the various industries, commenced its activities in the drilling industry by concluding a contract for  manufacturing, installation and commissioning 15 Top Drives (with cooperation Norwegian MH Co.) for Kala Naft Co. in 2003. This company by utilization of the gained experiences at executing this project and utilization of the a/m Top Drives in Iran’s climatic conditions also and the gained results at reconstruction & overhaul of Top Drives and finding out the technical problems of the previous Top Drives, could design and manufacture a Top Drive with new specifications. TIECO could achieve the domestic manufacturing of Top Drive and also preparation for the mass production of this set in 2012.So this company could prevent the importing of this essential set to Iran. In addition TIECO presents sufficient services at supply equipments, overhaul, installation and commissioning fields of the following sets:

Kinds of Top Drives ( MH, Varco, Hydraulift and …)

NTS 500 Top Drive Specifications:

NTS 500 Top Drive has manufactured according to the modern technology in the drilling industry. It can drill the gas and oil wells until depth of 7000 m and it is usable for maritime and land drillings.

NTS 500 Top Drive’s principle specifications are as follow:

It including Two Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) which one of them is always stands up and it enters in the circuit and minimizes the drilling operation stopping possibility, providing that occurrence any problem in the hydraulic power unit.
Installation the a/m set on the kind of rigs which are existing in Iran at the minimum of time and the least amendments on the rig.
The rapid and easy piping and decreasing the drilling time.
Easy handling because it is light and compact set.
Including the integrated swivel system and wash pipe according to Standard P500.
Repair at site with the minimum handling at the least time.
Simple and easy maintenance.
Safe and secure operation.
Guarantee 100%
After sales services:

Supply spare parts
Perfect supporting
Repair and maintenance
Training and consultation
Attendance of TIECO’s experts near the set during Guarantee time.
NTS 500 Top Drive Technical Specifications:

Performance Diagram for Torque

NTS 500 AC Drilling Torque/Speed Characteristics

Manufacturing Process:

Installation and Commissioning Process (Utilization of NTS 500 Top Drive):

Visit NTS 500 Top Drive:

Visiting Supreme leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolution (Gas and Oil Industries Abilities Exhibition)

Visiting Dr. Ahmadi Najad (Science and Technology Park Exhibition)

Visiting National Iranian Drilling Company’s Managing Director (TIECO’s Factory)

International Certificates and Acknowledgments

Due to an innovation in the technology and the achievement for presentation the new product, TIECO. has the active attendance in the principle Exhibitions. It has chosen as the best manufacturer in the drilling industry in 2012.

It tries to achieve the best international standard to access the satisfaction of customers during 22 year industrial activities. In this way, it has achieved the international certificates such as ISO/TS 29001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001.